How to take care of your hair

How to take care of your hair

Girl applies perfect haircare routine and has a good hair 


Your hair is like a plant. As you take care of it, your hair will be luscious and healthy. For that, you've got to learn How to take care of your hair.

Moreover, the nourishing hair care products and the types of food make up the whole hair care routine for your healthy and nourished follicles, scalp, and hair.

Maintaining your hair's health and glow is easy when you know how to pay attention to your haircare. Start by hair washing and using hair conditioners or oils, and learn how to dry and healthily style your hair.

Finally, you can change your lifestyle and add some healthy tips to get luscious hair.


Girl applies perfect haircare routine and has a good hair


What is the healthiest way to take care of your hair?


How can you care for your hair at home?


Washing your hair with shampoo


Use a suitable hair shampoo for your hair type, not more than twice per week to avoid causing the natural oil in your hair to leach out or be damaged, causing your hair to dry out.

Simultaneously, it is better to use shampoo with fewer percent of chemicals ingredients.


Girl uses sulfate-free shampoo for the perfect haircare routine 


Choose a shampoo that suits your hair type and works on enhancing its nature to give you the hair you want.

For example, straight or oily hair requires gentle shampoo for your hair care.

While dry hair requires more moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin and collagen to help repair the dryness and keep your hair moist.

People with curly hair for sure prefer creamy shampoos that contain oils in their ingredients.

Oily and straight hair may be perfect when treated with gentle light shampoo for daily washing.

Colored and treated hair needs a specific type of shampoo to avoid hair damage and color exchange.


Based on dermatologists' opinions, we recommend the best kind of shampoo:


Ducray Kelual DS Treatment Shampoo for Severe Dandruff Conditions

René Furterer 5 Sens Enhancing Shampoo

Uriage DS Kerato Reducing Treatment Shampoo

Isdin Lambdapil Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo


You can find a variety of shampoos on Carelink for your perfect hair care routine

Conditioning your hair


If you seek to have soft, healthy, and moisturized hair, use a deep conditioner at least once per week, depending on your hair statement, and wash it after 15–30 minutes.

However, apply moisturizers and conditioners to your hair weekly. The moisturizing and soothing ingredients will help in maintaining soft, glowing hair and prevent hair loss which may be caused due to having dry hair.


Girl uses the best hair conditioner for a perfect haircare routine


Based on more than one dermatologist's review, we recommend:


Ducray Anaphase Plus Conditioner Hair Loss

Rene Furterer 5 Sens Enhancing Detangling Conditioner


If you're looking for the best conditioner for your hair, don't hesitate to visit Carelink to get your daily hair care routine.

Moisturize your hair with oil


Apply nourishing oil to your hair around twice per week, whether it contains coconut oil, olive oil, or vitamins, to get shine and less frizz.

It is better to choose light oils for protection from greasy hair, apply your rich oils on wet hair after a shower or before the shower to let them stay for hours, and then wash it out with water.


Girl uses hair oil in her haircare routine


We recommend the best hair oils and products containing essential oils to treat damaged hair:


Rene Furterer 5 Sens Enhancing Dry Oil

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse® Multi-Purpose Dry Oil

Rene Furterer Karite Nutri Nourishing Ritual Intense Nourishing Oil

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse OR Golden Shimmer Dry Oil


Visit Carelink and pick your hair moisturizers and other hair care products.

Drying your hair


Although you may use many hair care products and shampoos to nourish your hair, at the same time, drying your hair or brushing it in the wrong way can lead to hair fall and hair damage.


Girl dries her hair naturally with a towel 


For that, use a wide-toothed comb before drying to comb out tangles. Spray your hair with a leave-in conditioner that helps you detangle it with a wide-toothed comb.

These tools will remove knots and decrease the damaging risks of hair fall.

It is preferable to start combing from the ends of your hair and continue till you reach your scalp.


Girl combing her hair using wide-toothed comb


Furthermore, don't pull your hair tightly from the entire hair shaft till the hair ends are detangled.

Before detangling your hair, make sure that the conditioner spreads throughout the whole hair while working on small sections.

Use your gentle towel, like a microfiber towel, to dry your hair. Avoid using a blow dryer as much as you can, as heat causes hair damage.


Styling your hair


Although brushing your hair stimulates hair follicles, which promotes hair growth, at the same time, brushing too rough can damage and break your hair.

You can style your hair with serum products for curly hair, frizz control products for straight soft hair, or any other style using your towel and your fingers while the hair is wet.


Girl styles her curly hair using a towel


Avoid styling your hair tightly by using rubber bands or pulling it back roughly, as this encourages your hair to be snagged or ripped out of the follicles.


Hair trimming


Don't forget to trim your hair ends regularly every 6–8 weeks to get rid of the split ends while taking some hair and cutting about a quarter inch above the split ends.


Girl trims her hair's split ends


Trimming your split and damaged ends will help you get healthy and shiny hair. Also, promote hair growth.


You can find all the perfect hair care products on Carelink, one of the best and most trusted online stores.

Maintain your healthy eating habits


It is an essential step to include vitamins, fruits, and vegetables in your diet. As your hair is made of protein, eat a balanced diet rich in lean protein and vitamins.


Girl eats vegetables and fruits to maintain her healthy hair 


This healthy routine will enhance your hair and help you get brilliance in newly grown hair.


Drink a suitable amount of water daily.


Keep your body hydrated by drinking a suitable amount of water every day.

Moreover, you can let your body get fluids through juices, fruits, and tea, which is so necessary for your hair health.


Girl drinks water to maintain her healthy hair


In the end, maintaining your hair's health and beauty is not impossible if you follow the hair care routine steps and apply the suitable hair care products for your hair type.

Simultaneously, avoid using a hair straightener and blow dryers daily as they cause hair damage and breakage.

As well as, don't dye or bleach your hair into another hair color if not much needed, as it weaken your hair health and let to hair fall.

 Don't forget to check out Carelink to get the best hair care products for your hair type.

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