The most effective hair care routine for hair growth

The most effective hair care routine for hair growth

The most effective hair care routine for hair growth

Most girls seek to find the most effective hair care routine for hair growth because, as we know, hair is like a crown for girls and women.

Somehow, our hair is affected by our health situation, mood swings, stressful days, and, unfortunately, when we enter depression or a sad phase. 

As a result, most of us suffer from hair loss during these phases.

Despite all of that, don't worry, all of us go through these situations. 

You can also follow an effective hair care routine for hair growth, whether you have straight or curly hair, as every hair type has its specific hair care products. 


 effective hair care routine to increase the hair growth


What is the ideal hair care routine?

What can I use every day for hair growth?

Here is the most effective hair care routine for hair growth:


1. Use the right shampoo according to your hair type


The perfect shampoo for dry and oily hair


Based on your hair type, you must choose the shampoo that suits you. 

It is preferred to take care of ingredients and not include a long list of harmful chemicals. 

Furthermore, select a shampoo that can nourish your hair follicles and give your hair the required strength for an effective hair care routine for hair growth.

In addition to the good cleansing effect, it must cleanse your hair shaft and scalp, promotes hair thickness, and provides clean hair without residues. 

If you're suffering from dandruff, choose anti-dandruff shampoos for a while till you enhance your hair's natural ability.


Based on dermatologist recommendations, we recommend the following shampoos for hair growth and healthier hair:


1. Rene Furterer Absolue Keratine Repairing Shampoo 

2. René Furterer 5 Sens Enhancing Shampoo 

3. Isdin Lambdapil Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

4. Bioderma Node Fluid Shampoo Non-Detergent For All Hair Types

5. Uriage DS Kerato Reducing Treatment Shampoo 


you can visit carelink for more haircare products to get shiny and healthy hair.


 2. Use a hair conditioner

 the best hair conditioner for hair moisturizing  

Shampooing alone won't be enough for an effective hair care routine and moisturized hair.

Furthermore, a hair conditioner is necessary for hydrating and nourishing your hair and scalp.  

 Also, to strengthen your hair and protect it from dryness, which can ruin your hair.


We recommend some hair conditioners based on girls' reviews:


1. Ducray anaphase plus conditioner for hair loss 

2. Rene Furterer 5 Sens Enhancing Detangling Conditioner

3. René Furterer Triphasic Reactional Ritual Anti-Hair Loss Reactional Treatment 


 3. Don't forget to treat your hair with some oil 

 use hair oil for hair growth and preventing hair loss


The essential step in an effective hair care routine for hair growth.

Somehow, you can feel that oiling is like a quick treatment for split ends, rough hair, dry hair, as well as a frizzy hair. 

Meanwhile, oiling is a perfect solution for dry hair.

It acts as a remedy for damaged hair; as it works on strengthening your hair.

In addition to boosting your hair growth and volume, giving your hair the required smooth and frizz-free look.


You can use hair oil to nourish and style your hair, like:


1. Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse or Golden Shimmer Dry Oil

 2. Rene Furterer 5 Sens Enhancing Dry Oil


4. Applying hair masks


the best hair masks for hair growth


Meanwhile, if you pay attention to skin masks and get benefits from them, then don't forget your hair too for some nourishment. 

 After that, you'll wonder at the transformation of your dry, frizzy hair into smooth, shiny hair after this effective hair care routine for your hair growth and health.


Then, to enjoy your silky and healthy heat-free hair, you can use one of these masks based on more than one dermatologist's recommendation, like:


1. Rene Furterer Karite Nutri Haircare Intense Nourishing Mask 

2. Rene Furterer Absolue Keratine Renewal Care Ultimate Repairing Mask 


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 How can I grow my hair faster?

an effective hair care routine that supports hair growth


We'll give you some tips and tricks to thicken your hair besides using your haircare routine products.

According to hair experts, to prevent hair damage and maximize the effects of your haircare routine.


1. Don't use your shampoo daily 


You may think that washing your hair every day is a necessary part of an effective daily hair care routine for hair growth. 

However, the extreme exposure to dirt and pollution, there is no need to cleanse your hair daily.

As our hair doesn't need a daily dose of shampooing,

Somehow, using shampoo daily can dry out your hair, which causes hair damage and ruins the natural hair oils, especially if you have a dry hair type.

To avoid all these issues, use your shampoo twice a week.


2. Trim your hair regularly with a hair tool


A necessary step in preventing split ends and shedding hair, for that don't forget to trim regularly.

However, getting your hair trimmed won't affect your hair length badly as you think,

but in reality, it'll increase your hair volume and thickness and provide you with a healthy hair look.


 3. Treat hair gently 


For healthy roots and rich shiny hair, and to keep your hair follicles nourished with hair protein, oil, and iron. 

Therefore, avoid the aggressive attack of your wet hair by rubbing and pulling it. 

Instead of that, rub your hair gently to prevent breakage.

Furthermore, avoid pulling your hair while combing it with your comb or brush to prevent hair thinning and damage to the scalp.


You can find the best hair care products for an effective hair care routine for hair growth on carelink.


The most effective hair care routine for hair growth

Finally, having damaged hair is a phase we all pass through in our lives,

so don't stress yourself and start following an effective hair care routine for hair growth.

Don't forget steaming hair for shiny and strong hair. 

Besides that, steam has an incredible effect on hydrating your hair.

The steam is one of the best treatments for dry hair as it retains the hair moisture, leads to hair growth, and softens your hair texture.

On the other hand, make massage your scalp using oil to nourish and activate your scalp and hair follicles for hair growth.

Don't miss the great offers on carelink to get the best hair care products.

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