How to nourish dry hair

How to nourish dry hair

A girl nourishes her dry hair with the best dry hair care products 


Having dry hair is a problem for many girls and women, where dry hair is considered the main reason for ruining your hairstyle. So you need to know how to nourish dry hair into healthy, shiny hair.

At first, you may think there is a need for tons of dry hair moisturizers, leading to sticky, dry hair, as you need a suitable dry hair routine that depends not only on dry hair products but the way you treat your hair too.

Having healthy and shiny hair needs an efficient dry hair treatment that considers everything related to hair care products and body nourishment, from vitamins, fruits, and vegetables to the amount of water drinking.

How do I fix dry hair?

It is necessary to understand the presence of many dry hair home remedies, which you can follow and ensure consistency on them to avoid dry hair breakage or dry hair loss and convert it to a shiny one instead.

Here are some tips and tricks to nourish dry hair:

Treat your hair gently

 As dry hair means fragility, you need to handle your hair gently; using your shampoo product roughly can cause split ends and breakage. So when you wash your follicles and scalps with dry hair shampoo, think that it is a delicate piece that needs extra gentle care.

So, instead of roughly scrubbing with dry hair shampoo, you can use your fingers to pull the shampoo through all your hair and scalp. Try to rinse your hair with cold water and avoid very hot water, which causes dry hair damage.

 A girl nourishes her dry hair with the best dry hair shampoo


Remember that dry hair shampooing several times a week can make your hair weak and brittle, as this helps strip the scalp's natural oil. So use your shampoo a little bit to cleanse your hair while letting the natural hair oil feed your roots.

We recommend some of the best shampoos for dry hair on CareLink, according to reviews by many dermatologists and hair experts:


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Use hair oils 

When you have frizz and puffy hair that suffers dryness, applying dry hair oils is an essential step in your hair care routine as it guarantees the needed moisturizing for a better hair texture.

The dry hair oils that include beneficial ingredients like argan oil extracts, coconut oil, panthenol, and others are perfect for dry hair. As the oil penetrates the dry hair, reducing its breakage and frizziness.


A girl nourishes her dry hair with the best dry hair oils


So visit Carelink to get yourself the best oils for dry hair. 

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Furthermore, nourishing hair masks using give an extra moisturizing effect. Also, hair masks provide dry hair with a healthier scalp, less frizz, and less breakage, as well as strong, shiny, soft hair without any damaged environment.

Rene Furterer Karite Nutri Haircare Intense Nourishing Mask

Everyone needs deep conditioning to restore life and shine to their hair. Apply a deep or leave-in conditioner, and use your comb to be sure that the conditioner covers every hair strand.

Ducray Anaphase PlusConditioner for Hair Loss


A girl nourishes her dry hair with the best dry hair products 


One of the driest hair problems people face when brushing their hair is how the brush rips the hair through tangles instead of detangling them. And as the dry hair nature is breakable, this can convert it to frizzy and rough hair in a second.

Therefore you can use a wide-toothed comb instead of a brush to avoid hair breakage easily. Also, start to comb from the hair tips, then work your way gradually up to the roots; if you comb your hair upside down from hair roots to hair ends, you can break it.


Reduce the use of hair dryers 

If you are a hair dryer addict and have dry hair, you face a real problem since hair dryers won't allow you to have healthier hair; moreover, the heat causes damage and causes hair breakage.

So you can minimize the use of hair dryers and curling irons for special occasions with a good heat protector. Also, you can use different gentle hairstyles to avoid the maximum dryness and breakage of dry hair.


A girl nourishes her dry hair with the best dry hair products 


Trim your hair regularly

When you follow all the dry hair care routines and care about cutting your split ends regularly, you will find that your hair starts growing healthy. Try to trim your hair every two or three months to get rid of damaged and dry hair.

After several months you will notice less frizz and dry hair, which is replaced with shiny and strong ones away from hair dryers, bleaching, and dyes. You will not need one of these for a good hair look.

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Nourish your hair with healthy food

Including large quantities of vegetables and fruits in your daily diet can affect your hair's health and look at the same time.

Moreover, these healthy quantities that contain vitamins will help your hair grow stronger. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated to prevent your hair from drying out.


A girl nourishes her dry hair with the best healthy vitamins 

Avoid smoking and other habits that damage hair, and try to protect your hair from harmful sun rays by wearing hats on warm days.

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