How to smell good in the summer

How to smell good in the summer

How to smell good in the summer

We seek to smell good in the summer.

Although we all humans have natural body odor, we definitely can't stand the unpleasant summer odors.

So, we will tell you how to smell good in the summer by using simple tips and tricks to keep your body odor fresh.

As on a hot and sunny day with soaring temperatures and high humidity levels, you can feel sweaty and have an unpleasant odor, 

where the first thing that pops into your mind is dousing yourself with a large quantity of amazing-smelling perfume, you become shocked that your smell gets worse; because you used perfume on your sweat. 

Then, to give yourself a fresh feeling on bright and sunny days without unwanted smells, follow our tips and tricks to know how to smell good in summer.

How to smell good in the summer


How can I stop my summer smell?

 How to smell good in the summer:


First, moisturize your body well, as much as you can, for a long-lasting odor


How to smell good in the summer

To help your favorite fragrance, lotions, and deodorants last all day, where hydrated skin can retain the fragrances better than dry skin.

Then imagine applying your favorite summer scents like fruity flavors, watery florals, citrus, and sugary fragrances.

So if you want to smell good in the summer, don't forget to buy your favorite cool scents, a lightweight and non-greasy moisturizer to let your favorite scents stick stronger and stay longer on your body.

1. Nuxe body rêve de thé revitalising moisturizing milk

If you don't want to leave your body sweaty, seek to smell good in the summer all day.

Then you won't find anything better than Nuxe body eve moisturizing milk for its irresistible odor, uplifting scent, and softness, offering you 24 hours of moisturizing.

Somehow, its soft, light-weight texture is absorbed rapidly by the body, allowing you to dress immediately after applying.

However, you can add your favorite body mist or something sugary if you love excess refreshing.

2. Nuxe huile prodigieuse, OR golden shimmer dry oil 

If you like the shimmery look, then don't hesitate to apply Nuxe huile golden shimmer dry oil to smell good in the summer to nourish and soften your body.

It is incredible how glowy and softness are added to your body, and you can also mix some Nuxe shimmer dry oil with your Nuxe body's 24-hour moisturizing lotion for an extra fresh feeling.

3. Bepanthen lotion face and body moisturizer for normal to dry skin 

If you are looking for a non-greasy and highly hydrating moisturizer to help you retain moisture and smell good in the summer, then use Bepanthen lotion is your perfect choice.

Bepanthene body lotion provides you with the moisture needed to keep your skin healthy.

It is suitable for any skin type, including normal skin, sensitive, and dry skin.

You can find all the perfect moisturizing products for summer on carelink, one of the best body care online stores.


How to smell good in the summer


Second, Maintain your hygiene by using deodorant and baby wipes


How to smell good in the summer


Due to high exposure to sweating on summer days with the hot weather and high humidity.

So, the best thing to keep your odor good is to carry a travel-size deodorant free of alcohol and paraben, which can dry out the skin and make it an environment for bacteria to grow. 

Even though the appearance of sweaty spots is unavoidable, you can spray out deodorant and use baby wipes to clean sweat and for a fresh feeling.

We recommend the best deodorants based on more than one dermatologist's recommendation

1. Isdin deo ultra 72H germisdin roll

2. Beesline whitening roll-on deodorant elder rose 

3. Uriage deodorant puissance power roll-on

How to smell good in the summerSo pick up your favorite scents and enjoy summer without a bad odor or sweaty feeling under your arms, and use a nourishing, gentle deodorant to feel fresh all day.


Visit Carelink and pick up your favorite deodorant from a collection of the best deodorants. 


Read more: The best deodorants for women in 2022.


Third, Wear natural cotton and linen fabrics 

How to smell good in the summer

 Your body needs to breathe in the hot days to smell good in the summer too. So make sure you wear breathable clothes to let the heat go away, whether through cotton, linen, or silk to absorb heat. 

And don't forget to wear your socks with shoes.

Some people wear shoes only without socks, and this makes the unpleasant odor worsen.

However, you can deodorize your shoes by sprinkling baby powder to let your shoes breathe, and add a fresh feeling.


Fourth, Use handy scented wipes 


How to smell good in the summer

As we know, sweaty and wet areas are perfect environments for dirt and bacteria, so on hot and sunny days, don't forget to pick up your wipes to remove sweat and dirt.

Whether you are stuck in traffic or in crowded places, use your wipes to clean your sweaty neck, face, hands, and arms to smell good in the summer. 

You can use the best wipes of Bioderma ABCDerm H2O cleansing wipes for babies & children, which contain micellar water to moisturize, clean, and leave your skin refreshed.


You'll find the best body care products to smell good in the summer and keep your hygiene well on carelink.


Fifth, the layering of scents 


How to smell good in the summer

Do you know that using more than one layer of scent can help you smell good in the summer and all day?

So you can pick up your favorite scent for different products, starting with body wash and shower, then body lotion, after that deodorant of the same scent, and perfume.

It will be ideal to select scents similar to the various layered products, whether floral, sugary, or fruity, to smell yummy in the summer.

 Based on girls' reviews, we recommend the best body care products:

1. Bioderma atoderm ultra-nourishing shower oil 

2. Nuxe very rose radiance peeling lotion 

3. Isdin deo lambda control intense 48 hour roll on emulsion Fresh 

 4. You can also use Uriage gyn-phy intimate hygiene Cleansing Mist for sensitive areas to smell good in the summer.

 5. you can use Nuxe huile prodigieuse® multi-purpose dry oil for hair and body.


How to smell good in the summer


Visit Carelink for more body care products to smell good in the summer.

Remember that you don't use body care products to smell good only; you also maintain your hygiene and protect yourself from dirt, bacteria, and unpleasant odor.


How to smell good in the summer

You feel free and fresh by following these body care products.

As no one deserves to feel sticky with sweat in the hot summer months.

 Be smart when choosing your summer clothing; don't trap in the heat and avoid clothing fabrics that make you sweat excessively.


Then, now check out Carelink and pick up your best fragrances from body wash and showers, body lotions, deodorants, and more.

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