Important tips for using deodorant in an effective way

Important tips for using deodorant in an effective way

deodorants- women's best deodorant- the best deodorant in summer


As we know, using deodorant is essential, especially in the summer, whether for women or men.

No one can tolerate the summer without deodorant. Due to the deodorants role in fighting the unpleasant smell of sweat that causes disgust and sensitivity to the skin.

So it is best to work on getting rid of germs and dirt by using your deodorant.

But applying deodorant without following some important tips may not achieve the desired purpose, whether to eliminate the unpleasant smell of sweat or to keep the body smelling fresh and beautiful after using deodorant under the armpits and body care products.

Therefore, we will give you the most important tips for using deodorant correctly to enjoy summer activities, vitality, and the beautiful smell of summer.

 deodorants- women's best deodorant- the best deodorant in summer


Important tips for using deodorant correctly:


Clean the body well through a shower

To get the best results from deodorant and antiperspirants, you should choose to thoroughly remove all germs, bacteria, and old sweat secretions from your underarm area using soap and water.

If you apply deodorant to an unclean area, it will only get worse and you will face the risk of an unpleasant odor throughout the day.

Make sure the skin is dry before applying deodorant, allow it to dry a little, and then get dressed.


Shake the deodorant well

Shake the deodorant well before use until the ingredients in it become homogeneous.


Spray the deodorant remotely

If you have a spray deodorant, spray it from a distance for no more than 5 seconds only so that you can wrap and distribute the deodorant to the area under the armpits to ensure your safety.

The deodorant may contain chemicals, so don't overuse it by spraying a heavy amount on the top of the underarms to avoid eye allergies to any perfume and to avoid chemicals seeping into the blood through the skin.


deodorant spray-women's best deodorant-the best deodorant in summer


Beware of contact with the area under the eyes, and know that deodorant is specific for the underarms, as these areas contain the apocrine sweat glands. 

If you suffer from sensitive skin, deodorants may irritate some diseases like psoriasis and other diseases.

Therefore, be sure to use a well-known brand of deodorant.

Check the percentages of any chemical, and your deodorant is preferable to be free of aluminum salts that are harmful to the body, which may lead to the skin pores clogging.

You can use products containing a small percentage of aluminum.

Make sure not to use deodorant right after shaving your armpits, as this will cause stinging, irritation, and redness.


We recommend the best types of deodorants based on the reviews of many dermatologists:


Isdin Deo Lambda Control Intense 48 Hour

Isdin deodorants can be like your summer best friends. 

Whereas they contain effective ingredients and Isdin deodorants are suitable for sensitive skin as they are free of alcohol and parabens.

Isdin Deodorant Lambda Control Intense 48 Hour

Isdin deodorant gives you long-lasting freshness for up to 48 hours, in addition to the required hydration.

Easy to use by rotating the wheel that you move on the area under the arms two to three times.

You can find the original Isdin deodorants at Carelink. Choose the appropriate type of Isdin deodorant for your skin type to give it the best protection dose.


Isdin Deo Ultra 72H Germisdin 40ml Roll On

Isdin Deo Daily Fresh Deodorant Promo (2+1)



SVR Spirial Deodorant Anti-Perspirant Spray

SVR Spirial Antiperspirant Deodorant in Spray form is a powerful and effective deodorant for moderate to severe perspiration. 

So you can use it before exercising or before doing an activity that makes you sweat a lot.

It gives a fresh feeling and is alcohol-free. Svr spirial deodorant doesn't cause stains or yellow and white stains.


SVR Spiral Deodorant Anti-Perspirant Spray


Its fresh effect can last to 48 hours.


SVR Spirial Creme

SVR Spirial 48H Intense Anti-Perspirant Deodorant Roll-On


Beesline Whitening Roll-On Deodorant Elder Rose

Beesline deodorant does not cause stains and prevents germs and bacteria.

Safe for sensitive skin, it does not contain irritating and redness ingredients.

Beesline deodorant contains active ingredients that moisturize and refresh the underarms, such as propolis and aloe vera. Its protection is long-lasting.


Beesline Whitening Roll-On Deodorant Elder Rose 


Furthermore, it contains teflozic acid that limits the secretion of unpleasant odors, so you do not need to use temporary fresheners after using Beesline deodorant.

Beesline deodorant effectively contributes to lightening the skin and brightening the underarms. 

You can choose between the Beesline family and discover the difference between them on CareLink.


Beesline Whitening Roll-On Deodorant - Fragrance-Free

Beesline Whitening Roll-On Hair Delaying Deodorant


Uriage Deodorant Puissance Power Roll-On

Uriage deodorant is alcohol and paraben free, making it the best choice for all skin types. 

Moreover, Uriage deodorant does not leave white lines or any yellow-colored marks after applying it, as it dries quickly.


Uriage Deodorant Puissance Power Roll-On


Uriage also gently soothes, moisturizes, and softens the underarms. It has triple action against sweat and unpleasant odor. Its effect lasts 24 hours. 

It gives the private and sensitive underarm area a quick and long-lasting recovery.


 girl uses the best deodorant for women in summer 


Whether you're in the summer when the temperature is high or in the winter when the temperature is low, you should use deodorant after showering to eliminate any unpleasant odors and protect against the growth of any bacteria, in addition to removing germs.

When using deodorants, be sure the ingredients are suitable for your skin, especially if you suffer from hypersensitivity. 

Avoid deodorant products that contain aluminum or choose antiperspirant products with low levels of aluminum to avoid the risk of allergic reactions.

Do not forget to avoid black clothes in the summer, as they absorb the sun's rays, which leads to increased and renewed sweating. 

Do not miss the summer offers and visit Carelink to get the best deodorants from international brands with their various products to take care of body hygiene and to get your best cosmetics products.

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