Isdin Nutratopic Pro-AMP Emollient Lotion 400 ml

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Isdin Nutratopic Pro-AMP Emollient Lotion formulated to moisturize and soothe atopic skin, since the skin with atopic dermatitis needs specific formula to alleviate the unwanted symptoms and in the same time improve skin immunity to slow down the rate of the atopic inflammatory cycle. Nutratopic Pro-AMP Emollient Lotion can be used daily and perfectly for large areas of the body since its lotion texture allows easy application on large areas affected by atopic dermatitis
Restores the barrier function
Moisturizes deeply, helping alleviate itching and irritation due to its content in Laureth-9 and Niacinamide
Inhibits the risk of bacterial adhesion
Restores the right balance of your skin thanks to its emollient properties
Using it daily helps prevent new outbreaks and prolongs the period free of lesions

Concern: strengthen the skin's innate immune defense system

Usage: Apply to clean, dry skin 2 or more times a day. Its lotion texture facilitates its body application in large areas.


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